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The tip of an Ancient Dragon Ruins showing above the surface.

The Ancient Dragon Ruins are an incredibly rare and massive structure found underneath the surface of the world. Only one will spawn which can make finding the structure near impossible unless the tip generates above the surface.

The structure itself is made of netherrack with unlit glow stone lamps and a lot of cobwebs covering it. It is roughly the same shape as an ocean monumen, although the Ruins are much, much bigger, so large, in fact that strongholds can spawn inside of the structure’s rooms.

The only way to locate the the Ruins is to obtain an Eye Of The Wyrm. You can use it like an Eye Of Ender to lead you to the ruins.

Inside the ruins, survival is near impossible. Due to the darkness of the rooms, the ruins are likely to be full of hostile mobs. Additionally, “ghosts“ representing several of the dragon bosses often come out of the shadows and will deal a few hit to the player before fading away. Additionally, Many rooms are filled with lava, have difficult parkor or possess other traps. Given the ruin’s massive size, finding the main room can prove fatal.

The Ancient Dragon Ruins has three exclusive creatures that can be summoned, one of which is a boss, the others which are tamable mini bosses. Naher’i, the sky dragon, Zorulak, the lightning dragon, and the boss, Rakulas, the three-headed skeleton dragon. Naher’i and Zorulak are very powerful mounts, and additionally them taming of them as well as the defeat of Rakulas is mandatory for The True Wither Dragon battle to be accessed. The terminal in located inside a massive central room large enough to fit an ocean monument inside.

Entering the ruins will, give the achievement “When Dragons Ruled.” Finding the terminal will give you the achevement “The Three Ghostly Guardians.”

Lore and Myths: The Ancient Dragon Ruins were built as a temple by the dragon race long before humans existed, back when dragons mainly populated the overworld instead of other dimensions. The temple was abandoned after the End was discovered by the dragons.