Cat Creeper Remake

Cat Creeper


Cat Creepers are a hybrid found only in Jungles. They are passive and will run away when chased, but If you hold still while holding a fish, they will stalk slowly towards you. Feed them a fish to tame them, making them one out of the two tameable creeper variations.


Cat Creepers were born when a Creeper paired up with an Ocelot. They will sprint if you give chase, but if you hit them, they will chase you while possessing the behavior of a Creeper. They will blow up on contact, with the same countdown timer.

Tamed Cat Creepers

When tamed, they will make the same noises as a cat. They will sit and stand on command and will attack whatever the owner attacks. Ghost Creepers cannot enter a Cat Creeper's body, oddly. Their pattern does not change when tamed.


  • ​A cat creeper is rare, because creepers are affraid of ocelots.