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These are boss mobs found within Minecraft. They have high health an

boss chart. Whatever points to another boss means that it must be defeated in order to fight the one it is pointing to.

d usually only one spawns in each area it hails from, as well as a complex attack pattern.

What Needs What

Certain bosses are required to fight others that are harder to defeat (the only boss that breaks this rule is Blue Thunder). The Boss Chart (right) may help, but it can get confusing with all the lines, right?

Ender Dragon: Stand-Alone boss (does not need other bosses to fight)

Ender Steve: Requires Ender Dragon

Flasher: Stand-Alone boss

Wither Dragon: Requires Ender Dragon and Ender Steve

Pig-Tron: Stand-Alone boss

Raptis: Requires Ender Steve

Wrath: Stand-Alone boss

Vengence: Requires Wrath

Keeper of Rejinia: Requires all redblock bosses (Excluding Paradox/Demon Bosses)

Corrupted Ghast: Stand-Alone Boss

Craftzalcoatl: boss honored as a god by the bloody Craftztecs.

Iron Slug: Stand-Alone Boss

Leviabrine: Requires Vengence

Herobrine (1st): Requires Ender Steve and Ender Dragon

Herobrine (2nd): Requires Corrupted Ghast, Flasher, Wither Dragon, Ender Steve, Ender Dragon, and Herobrine (1st)

Herobrine (3rd): Requires all bosses except Vengence and Wrath

Blue Thunder: Requires Herobrine (3rd); it is a rule-breaker because of weakness

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