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Fanfictions are the stories. The things you read. Anything that has a plot, main idea and characters. Some go within series and others are stand-alone fanfictions.

The Wheatley Legend Saga

The Beginning of the Adventure (1st Book)

The History of Wheatley (2nd Book)

The Legendary Cyborg (3rd Book)

The Book of Notch

The Book of Notch (mainpage) Notch (of Indev) Lord Herobrine
Arabus (continent, kingdom, empire, and confederation) Steven (Notch's son) Zombies
The Great War (First Notchic-Herobrinian World War or World War II) The Player Emptiness
The Second War (Second Notchic-Herobrinian World War or World War V) Jeb (Indevian) Strongholds
Linear Redstonten (language/alphabet) Dinnerbone (Indevian) Orent (continent)
King Adam of Arabia Notchic Cults/ Religions (history of worship of Notch) Herbano (mountain city)
NPC Villagers (humans) C418 (musician and encrypter) Seven Years' Lull
World War I New Sweden (Indevian/Arabian capital)
World War III Kingdom of Jeb
World War IV (Arabian-Swedish World War) Merrada (Capital of the Kingdom of Jeb)
The Great Peace The Settlement (Notch's first settlement on Earth)
Indev (planet)

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Smoothman's Standalones

Herobrine: the myth became real

Herobrine:the myth becomes real

misskitty58's Adventures

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