Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; It was written purely as a fiction article.

Dinosaurs are big, reptile-like mobs that walk on two feet. They vary from five different colours and patterns. They do not initially attack the player unless provoked. They roar and grunt often and usually will ignore entities around it's sight range. They have 40 health (x20 hearts), about twice as much as players


Dinosaurs, when provoked, will charge at their target and try to bite them. They however are very slow and are sluggish when given chase. They will headbutt and whip around their tail, which can do massive damage to players without armour.


Dinosaurs are only found in The Jurassic time period and requires many tools to craft a time-portal. Dinosaurs that are brought back to the Overworld are passive and walk 1.5x faster than they usually do. They will litterally eat other mobs, making them a good bodyguard as long as you can get them to follow you!