Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.
Ender Creeper Remake

Ender Creeper

Ender Creepers are a unique variation of their green-coloured cousins. They are one of the few mobs in Minecraft that have the ability to fly; they are almost always airborne and only touch the ground to confront miners. Aproximately as common as Endermen.


Ender Creepers will attack miners if they attack them first. When chased, they fly up and then charge down to flatten their targets, much the same as Flying Creepers. They will tag along any nearby Ender Dragons, swooping down at enemies as if they were a superhero's sidekick. They shoot out Fireballs when far away and are capable of destroying a large amout of blocks.


Ender Creepers are very vulnerable when grounded; they have very low health and low walking speed makes them an easy target when they're not flying.


Ender Creepers are only found in The End, and can be seen frequently following the Ender Dragon and guarding Ender Crystals. When they're not guarding or following, they are neutral and will land to observe the miner, then fly away. Once the Ender Dragon is defeated, all Ender Creepers that were following it will be permanently grounded.


Ender Creepers have few weaknesses, but these tips reveals the ones:

  • Ender Creepers require only four hits from bare hands to dispatch.
  • If you are wearing a pumpkin, Ender Creepers will avoid you.
  • Water is their main weakness; they cannot swim.