Fire Creepers are the red-hot coloured variation of their green cousins.
Fire Creeper Remake

Fire Creeper

They are one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft, first being the Enderdragon. They behave like Ghasts; they need a large area for territory and shoot out fireballs. They are found in The Nether near lava lakes. They ignore Fire Skaidrons and sometimes follow them.

If the Player attacks one with a Void Arrow and The Haskordathera in the chest, they will shapeshift into Fire Reepers.


Fire Creepers have a mixture of speed and strength on their behalf of combat; they will light their legs on fire and swing them at enemies when in a melee range. They have sharp eyesight and hearing to pinpoint miners and other things and have a fireball-range roughly as long as a Ghast's. They will explode when given the chance when near defeat, and their explosions are much more devastating that of a Creeper; about twice as deep and wide, and will leave a ring of fire circling around the crater. Their fireballs alone can leave a crater half the size of their detonation, making them usefull for mining Netherack. The yellow markings on their body will glow when about to explode.


Fire Creeper

Fire Creeper Minecraft skin. (Made by BrunoMyniz999)

Fire Creepers lack endurance and can be killed with just three blows from bare hands as long as it doesn't self destruct first. Although they take no damage from fire or lava, they can drown if held under for too long. They give chase when at least 30 blocks away and go twice as fast as a normal Spider. They are slowed down x3 when on Soul Sand, making melee attacks easy to inflict.


Fire Creepers will be found alone near lava lakes, often seen swimming around if miners aren't caught by them first. Fire Creepers that are forced to be lead into the Overworld will hugely lack firing distance, speed, and power since they are not welcome where miners are. They are also occasionaly seen in the Overworld by underground lava lakes, but this is very rare.


Not many weaknesses are known between these fiery enemies, but following these tips should help with combat:

  • Always wear armour when entering The Nether! An Iron or higher tier level is suggested.
  • Fire Creepers can be killed with one hit of an Iron Sword, so always bring a couple with you.
    • Bow and arrows are not advised, as it it hard to aim when Fire Creepers have given chase.
  • Splash Potions of both Healing and Harming will instantly kill a Fire Creeper.