Flying Creepers are an unusual variation that have developed wings
Flying Creeper Remake

Flying Creeper

for flight. Their combination of flight and peace makes them a relatively passive mob. They never attack miners unless they are attacked during the night. They can fly higher than the maximum block limit and will try to gain altitude if the player chases them.


If a Flying Creeper is attacked during the night, be aware that all nearby Flying Creepers will turn hostile and attack you. This trait is also shared by Wolves. While hostile, they will gain altitude and then dive down to crush their target. Their legs are useless in flight. They occasionally clash with Mountain Creepers and Skaidrons.


Flying Creepers will sometimes be seen flying high above during both day and night. They are also found in mountain ares, where the destructive Lightning Creeper inhabits also. The star on their heads flash different colors to show their mood, and will rapidly blink red when angry.


A charging pack of Flying Creepers can be a difficult fight, so following these tips should help:

  • Flying Creepers can be damaged by snowballs and other projectiles.
  • A bow & arrows is advised to attack a Flying Creeper; risking with a sword is dangerous.