Graphics on Minecraft Fanfictions Wiki plays a big role in the community; without them, there would be no way of telling what things look like. Normally, we prefer to use Paint, but there are some secrets to making images shine. There are two ways to make graphics: either use the templates, or if you wish to make a new mob/item/block, you can start from scratch.

Using Paint

In order to make images look good, there are some tricks to use to make them look professional. Note: Hit "Ctrl + z" to Undo and "Ctrl + y" to Redo.

  • Open up paint.
  • Go to the Shape section at the top middle, and hit the Curve tool.
    • Before using the Curve, make sure that the Size is at maximum (the adjuster for size is found next to the first color).
    • Unless you want to use something else, make sure the base (1st) color is black.
  • Left-click and drag the mouse across the white area of the screen. A bold, black line should follow.
  • Let go of the mouse when the line is at the right size (according to your mob/item). Be careful where you click, because at this point, you can bend the line to curve depending on where the mouse is.
    • If you only want to bend it once, before you bend it twice hit the grey area around the white square/rectangle. If there is no room (or if you are zoomed in), select a random shape, then go back to the Curve tool.
  • Continue making your mob/item with the Curve tool. Repeat the process of dragging and curving.
  • When the mob/item is finished, it's time to color!
    • ¬†Choose the color you want, then find the Tools section near the top right and hit the bucket. This makes coloring in faster. Left click any area to fill it up with (chosen color).
    • Make sure that all areas of the graphic are¬†closed up. Any holes or gaps even a single pixel's size will make the color spill out into the background. If a certain color doesn't get to that one annoying white pixel, it is because that pixel is cut off from the other side. Fill it in not with a bucket, because a miss results in a (color you chose) outline! Use the thinnest size of the Pencil instead, or just zoom in at 800% and fill it in with the bucket there.
  • When you are done coloring, go to the Image section and hit the Select tool. Then, drag a box around your mob/item. When you let go, hit the Crop button next to the Select to enclose the mob/item in the smallest box possible without making parts of it cut off.
  • Hit "Ctrl + s" to Save. Give a name, location for the image file, then hit Done/Ok! You have finished your image.