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What are the Basic Page Requirements (BPR) for the Minecraft Fanfiction Wiki?


The BPR are a set of requirements pages have to follow to not be flagged down by Admins. They have to pass standards to make sure the wiki is appealing and not a doodle board for barely thought out ideas. Pages will be given a Deletion Tag which will state it will be deleted if no action is taken to reach the standards. All Deletion tags made by Admins will be noted and nobody else is allowed to put a Deletion Tag under normal means. Under the means of an Admin flagging another Admin, it should be brought up to the maker first.


If your page was taken down and/or put under Deletion it will be becuae you did not reach some of these standards.

  • The page has to be spelt correctly, errors are alright, but if every line has a spelling and/or grammatical error then it will be flagged, but most likely Admins will just fix these errors unless it doesn't meet another standard.
  • The page's idea or base was not well thought out or sloppy, and in the base of a fanfiction it has to be very bad for an admin to think about flagging one down. If your idea is not liked by one admin, don't be sad as a majority of the admins has to really not like the page for it to be removed. One exception is any page Ecuram Ferata flags down, because he is the founder he cuts out every rule.
  • Any overly disturbing, sexual, or spam pages will be deleted upon seeing. If you disagree and think the page was not one of these, then contact an admin via wall or make a public message on the forum. Very hateful comments to an admin becuase of this will result in a warning or a ban for 1-3 days.
  • Abandoned pages will be flagged, or brought up to the Creator before flagging occurs
  • The founder would really appreciate it if no unneccessary abbreviations such as b, c, r, u, ur, and others are used anywhere. We have a language. USE IT.
  • It is ok if the boss is over powered, but you have to put more time into it. The harder the boss, the more cutscenes, the longer the page. It also can not have crazy amounts of Hp or Damage. You should know when your pushing the limits. If your going to make your boss have a crazy amount of HP or damage you may get hate, but if you put alot of time into it then I don't see a problem with it. If it has crazy amounts and the page is sloppy, spelt wrong, or does not make much sense / limits the point of facing other bosses then it will be flagged.

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