The Pig-Tron.

The Pig-Tron is a robotic boss mob found when the player kills enough pigs in their world. It if fifty blocks tall and is a relatively weak oppoment considering the strength of other bosses.


The Pig-Tron was invented when pigs in the player's world wanted to get revenge of the loss of their species. So, they make a giant robot that they use to fight.


Getting the Pig-Tron to appear is simple; kill 100 pigs and it will jump out of the sky and a boss health bar will appear over the screen.

This boss only has 100 health (x50 hearts), which means it only has half the health of the Ender Dragon. On one hand, it can shoot laser beams that ignite the player and the other it uses to pick him/her up and throw them. The player can get stepped on if they are not careful. The Pig-Tron is immune to fire and lava, but will take fall damage and will sink in water. It walks an average of 1 block per second, making it very slow.

When defeated, the Pig-Tron will catch on fire for a brief moment, then explode, leaving a crater twice the size of a creeper. about a dozen pigs will fall from the sky. Once the Pig-Tron is defeated, it will not appear again after killing 100 more pigs. It drops 1/4 the ammount of experience the Ender Dragon drops upon defeat.