Sinister Creeper

The Sinister Creeper is a very dangerous version of regular creepers that roams exclusively in Bojkreg, one of the three side-dimensions of the Shadowlands.


Lore TBC


The Sinister Creeper can be heard from up to 70 blocks away. Every time it makes a sound, it will cause the player's screen to shake. At 70 blocks it does not shake much, but as you get closer the screen will shake more violently and also cut away to static for a split second - this effect becomes more frequent the closer you get. By 20 blocks, the Player's screen will be constantly shaking. At 20 blocks, the Sinister Creeper (if there is no blocks inbetween their line of sight) will attack the Player.

Sinister Creepers will shoot homing projectiles that explode on contact and deal 5 <3 (aside from the explosion) when they are far away. In melee range, they will swipe their electric tails at the Player and stun them for several seconds. When stunned, the Player moves more slowly and attack damage is decreased. Once the Sinister Creeper swipes its tail, it will need to recharge it by standing still. This is the best chance to attack it.

Sinister Creepers are highly resistant to many dark weapons and take regular damage from everything else (even light weapons). The only weapons that will do substantial damage are swords and daggers crafted from ruby blacksmiths or followers of Lord Haolel.


Sinister Creepers have relatively rare spawn rates, having a 12% chance of spawning in every 7 x 7 area of Night Stone between Y = 30 and Y = 1. They spawn alone most of the time, rarely in groups of 2 or even 3.


Sinister Creepers are often found following Ventric Assaulters and Kovai packs. When 2 Sinister Creepers and a Ventric Assaulter team up (A.K.A. within 4 blocks of each other), they will morph into the Sinister Assaulter. Sinister Creepers are also common minion spawns of the Haolin Dragon.


  • Sinister Creepers are the only creeper variations present in Bojkreg.
    • This does not count the Sinister Assaulter, which is a hybrid.
    • The other creeper variations in the Shadowlands are the Leaper Creepers and the Shadow Creepers.
  • Sinister Creepers are the only Bojkreg mobs that will not attack Ventric Assaulters, as the only mob that the Ventric Assaulter does not attack is the Sinister Creeper.