Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

Spiked Creepers (often mistook as Spiky Creepers)
Spiked Creeper Remake

Spiked Creeper

are a neutral, pale-coloured variation of their bright-green cousins. Their bodies, limbs, and heads are dotted with retractable spikes. Their only protection is their spikes.


When attacked by a hostile mob, a Spiked Creeper lies down on its belly and extend its spikes to about two blocks. Touching it while it is curled up will slightly hurt the attacker (as much damage as touching a cactus) and usually ward it off. Hitting it twice will cause it to attack back by ramming itself on its target, dealing much more damage. If there are more than one Spiked Creeper nearby, one will curl up while the others tackle the attacker. These tactics are only used in self-defense; leaving them alone will cause them to remain passive.


Very low speed, reaction time, and power have Spiked Creepers poor fighters. They take x3 damage than normal if it is in lava or fire. Shooting them with a Bow & Arrows far away will not make them curl up, making an easy target also because if there are more, they won't crowd you.


Spiked Creepers can be found in two places: Deserts and Jungles. They are picked on by all hostile mobs, which makes Spiked Creepers slightly harder to find than others. Be very careful around Spiked Creepers with their young; They will stare and growl at you if you approach them.


Angering these pesky spiked animals can be a challenge sometimes, but following these tips will make 1 vs 5 fights easier:

  • Spiked Creepers cannot swim due to their extra weight, so putting a ring of 3-block deep rivers will drown them.
  • A sword is not recomended because Spiked Creepers will crowd you and try to get at you. Using a Bow & Arrow is suggested for far-away fights.
  • Because of their weakness to lava, holding a bucket of it will sometimes leave Spiked Creepers scared (unable to fight for a period of time).