Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.


Typhus is an amphorus creeper that can be found by lakes near forests. He is part of a trio of mobs that have powers over a certain thing. He has 50 health (x25 hearts) and does about the same damage as a stone sword. He does not explode


Typhus remains initially neutral unless provoked. He will swim below water and pounce when close enough. He rears up when in a melee range and will squirt water like a spray gun when about 10 blocks away. He has different behaviors when provoked by certain mobs.

Skeleton: Typhus will sprint in a circle while squirting out water.

Creeper (Any Variation): He will get as close as he can and rear up while kicking.

Spider (Jockey): Typhus will continuously charge while rearing up and kicking.


Typhus lives near swampy areas, usually where there is a lake/river running through a forest. He is usually found swimming around in slightly imperfect circles. He rarely gets up on land.