Wrath is yet another redblock boss.

Wraithish Creeper



Wrath is the oldest Wraithish Creeper alive. Wrath is named Wrath because simply youll feel Wrath's wrath once you're in Wrath's territory, if that makes sense... Just because hes the oldest doesn't mean he's the weakest! He is stronger than the Ender Dragon in health (1500 <3) but is very weak in comparison to attacks. His hiss attack (scares the player) does -2 hp (1 <3) and the explosion does -5 <3 instead of instant death. Although Wrath starts out passive in the fight but will turn agressive when you provoke him.

Battle stratagies

You will eventually have to provoke Wrath to become able to kill Vengence and all of her forms. There are two ways to kill Wrath without provoking him.

1. Find a Redblock Skeleton and make the red block skeleton kill Wrath.